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Dry Ice for Education and Schools

For education and fun!

Dry ice is an excellent way to liven up science lessons in school and can be used for a range of activities.

For Schools we can supply a dry ice Education Pack, which includes some dry ice and a fact sheet instructions for making a number of experiments, including:

Make a fog effect.
Make a smoke machine.
Learn about sublimation.
‘Crystal Ball Bubble’. Make a giant soap bubble using dry ice.
Make ice cream using dry ice.
Dry ice fog shower.
Dry Ice foam effect.
Make a comet.
Shatter a banana skin.

For education use, we recommend one of our medium dry ice packs which will allow a number of small experiments.

For end of term concerts/graduation balls or proms where a large fog effect is required we recommend a larger pack.

For advice on the ideal size for your project, up to date pricing and delivery information, please contact us.

Please read our safety information before using dry ice.

Download our education pack

To download our education pack form the chillistick website, click here