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Dry Ice Products

Green Gases supply a wide range of Dry Ice

Green Gases can supply the following products from a few kilos to multi-tonnes, on a regular or ad hoc basis:


10mm diameter pellets: most often used for general cooling and smoke effects.

3mm diameter pellets: used for cryogenic blast cleaning, also used for packing delicate items.

Pre-packaged dry ice - perfect for your party or event.

We specialise in the supply of pre-packaged dry ice packs for leisure and educational use which can be combined with our unique safe hardware, including our chillisticks, smoking shot glasses, smoking ice buckets and much more.

Our dry ice packs are ideal for small events: parties, effects for photographers, weddings, halloween and piping the haggis in on Burn's night!

You can buy our pre packaged dry ice online at

Please read our safety information before using dry ice.