Dry Ice suppliers in the UK

Welcome to Green Gases.com

Green Gases.com is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dry ice in the UK, serving both the industrial and home market. We supply from a few kilos to multi-tonne loads.

Our wide range of clients include large scale users like the food, leisure, medical, research and airline sectors, right across to personal use for Christmas, New Year or Halloween parties!

We offer a full range of products including pellets, slices and blocks; to find the best product for your application please visit our dry ice products section.

We have also made exciting advances in the use of dry ice in the leisure market. Increasing use in cocktail bars and restaurants has led to the devlopment of the chillistick - more information can be found on our chillistick page.

Fresh Dry Ice manufactured 7 days a week

A key factor is that ice is made as near as possible to the time of use. All our dry ice is manufactured to order - so it is always fresh when delivered to you. This reduces the problem of ice dissipation and loss of mechanical strength which will affect performance.

It also means that we can supply the whole of the UK from our manufacturing base in Southern England, as we know that our dry ice will still be fresh when you receive it.

We can supply Dry Ice in pelletised, sliced and block form in any quantity. You can read more about our Dry Ice supplies here

We are committed to giving our customers the best services - from enabling you to buy dry ice online
developing improved storage containers, Green Gases.com really are making a difference in the supply of Dry Ice.

To find out how we can help you please call us on: 0203 432 9412 or send us an email.